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Vano Papaya Soap
Vano Papaya Soap
A premium beauty soap
with value pricing.
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Tel.: +632.914.9999 local 134
Fax: +632.914.1122
Email: reachus@otradesk.com
We supply the following consumable and disposable products to
restaurants and hotels all over the Philippines and other countries.

Bathroom Tissue (Jumbo Roll, Interleaved, Interfolded)
Pop Up Tissue
Pre-Cut & Flat Singles Table Napkins
Quarterfolded Paper Napkins
Clear Microwavable Containers
Cling Wrap, Aluminum Foil & Wax Paper
Styro Lunch/Chicken boxes, Spaghetti Box
Garbage Bags, Quicktie
Sando Bags / Brown Bags / Poly Bags
Plastic/Styro Drinking Cups & Lids
Sauce Cups and Lids
Disposable Plastic Spoon, Fork, Spork & Gloves
Bending Straws, Coffee & Cocktail Stirrers
Toothpicks (Bamboo, Minted, Cocktail)
Chopsticks & BBQ Sticks
Bakery Supplies (Cake Boxes, Doilies, Baking Cups, Birthday Candles, etc.).
Detergent Powder
Fabric Conditioners
Disinfectant Bleaching Solution (Clorox)
Antibacterial Handsoaps & Sanitizers
Dishwashing Liquids
Toilet Cleaners & Deodorizers
Janitorial Supplies (Mop Heads & Handles, etc.)

*We also accept personalized printing.