Optimum Tradesk Inc
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Vano Papaya Soap
Vano Papaya Soap
A premium beauty soap
with value pricing.
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Welcome to Optimum Tradesk, Inc.
We are an International Trading Company, with over 15 years of
experience with expertise in global sales and sourcing of consumable
products. We sell to restaurants, supermarkets, hospitals, dental
clinics and also to small and large distributors worldwide.
Disposable cups, spoons, forks, food
containers, dishwashing liquid, garbage
& sando bags, chopsticks, napkins,
tissue, janitorial supplies & more.
Medical & dental disposables, test kits,
composites, impression materials, teeth
whitening products, oral hygiene.
Whitening products, bath soaps, shampoo,
facial & hair care products
Palm & vegetable oil, laundry agents,
glycerine, oleochemicals.